Unique American Novels: Fifteen Unusual Topics On The Great Gatsby

Proper academic writings:

Performance increases level after level if the writer faces some challenges when writing unique articles. Journalists may write their contents in different political and commercial approaches. But when it comes to academic essay writing, the style may include theoretical elements. A thorough reading is advisable before any such writing attempts.

Writing more than just a summary:

Often, graduate schools, colleges let their students feel free with such attempts. But supervisors of such respected institutes may also mention the particular piece they want hypothesis on. It is natural that not just a plain summary is capable of winning good responses from the readers.

Selecting academic writing process:

Choosing the proper method is necessary. The methodical approach will justify a specific area of the piece not as a whole to be chosen. This helps the experiments in a straight and single line.

Fifteen interesting topics on The Great Gatsby:

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has always made its mark as one of the most popular American novels. The essay writing upon this piece has already proven a great success. The random and regular experiments upon this text made the area vaster. But this also creates a risk on making a sloppy topic selection. Better idea would be to search internet and find some sources to explore in the matter with strong foundation. Here are 15 absorbing topics on the piece The Great Gatsby:

  • The American Dream as presented in the piece.
  • The corruption of the American Dream. What is the future of it with the appearance of wealth?
  • Is Nick a reliable narrator? Why his view point is so important in the novel?
  • Explain the meaning of “valley of ashes” in the novel?
  • The distinction between West and East egg.
  • The true meaning behind the usage of the colour white: Disguised innocence.
  • The importance of the green colour in the life of Jay.
  • New York City through the description of Fitzgerald.
  • Is Wilson really different from Gatsby?
  • What is the real cause behind Gatsby’s end?
  • What type of obsession does Gatsby possess for Daisy?
  • The real person: Jimmy Gatz or Jay Gatsby.
  • What is so unfamiliar in the Eggs of New York City?
  • Is Gatsby a romantic hero?
  • What is true American identity reflected in the novel?

Various experimental approaches:

As the novel is very famous and unique, the most popular universities, schools and colleges attempted many such experiments on the variety of topics. But choosing upon an interesting one will need serious studying. Reading the piece will help selecting many.

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