Where Can I Get An Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer?

Writing an argumentative essay like any essay requires preparation. In fact the more you prepare before you actually start to write your argumentative essay usually the better it will be. Students who launch straight into their argumentative essay because they believe passionately in the argument they clearly support often find themselves struggling. On the other hand, the student who takes their time and goes about creating a plan or an outline for their essay and populates it with all the relevant main and minor points is in a much better position to write fluently and well.

But how do you go about your preparation?

Creating a plan or outline is fairly basic. You can do so in a digital format or many students find it easier to just simply work on a piece of paper. They list the various headings of the paragraphs which would include obviously an introduction at the beginning and the conclusion at the end. In the middle of a plan you add the body paragraphs with headings such as body paragraph one, two etc. This is all plain sailing and has worked millions of times.

But there is an alternative and that is in the form of a graphic organizer. It has been said that we remember a certain percentage of what we hear, more of what we see, and even more of what we participate in. Now if that is true, then constructing a plan for your argumentative essay using a graphic organizer could be the ideal way to go.

There are thousands of samples of argumentative essay graphic organizers freely available online. If you want to pay for them yes you can find websites which will offer that service but there are also plenty which are available without cost.

The beauty of the graphic organizer is it does all the framework work for you. All you need to do is find the main points and the supporting facts and place them within the graphic organizer. If you're good at research, if you had studied the topic seriously and it is something in which you have an interest, you give yourself the best chance to finally come up with writing a brilliant argumentative essay.

Remember that anyone building a house will always make reference to the architectural drawings. The same principle applies to any student writing an argumentative essay. It needs to be well-planned. It can be well-planned if you use an argumentative essay graphic organizer.

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