How To Choose And Write A Good GED Essay Topic

What is the GED Writing Test? First of all, let us be the first to congratulate you on your decision to pursue your high school equivalency credential by taking the GED, HiSET or TASC exam. This is the first step in opening doors professionally and personally.

This article does not go in-depth but concisely focuses on the writing portion by answering some of the most common questions and generally giving you a better feel for what it is you can expect from this part of the test.

Quick Reference GED Guide

  • Your reading comprehension, analysis, and writing abilities will be tested in two areas of the test: Language Arts and Social Studies
    • In the Language Arts section, you will be asked to write an essay in response to two articles with opposing viewpoints on the same topic. You must present the case for why one article is best supported with evidence from the text than the other. Your personal view or opinion is not required.
    • In the Social Studies section, you will be asked to write an extended response using facts and figures presented in a text. There is no need to have prior knowledge of the topic, you simply need to refer to the information as appropriate.
  • The GED essay should be written using a 5-paragraph format and be somewhere between 450 - 500 words. You will have 45 minutes to write the piece on the computer, so it’s advised that you practice following these parameters to acclimate yourself to the actual testing conditions.
  • You will not have more than one essay topic choice and will be asked to write a persuasive, narrative, or descriptive piece. This doesn’t make the process easier if you haven’t practiced a wide variety of topics. So be sure to practice timed writing (45 minutes) in a variety of areas.

Practice Essay Writing Topics

  1. Should adult drivers be held responsible for wearing seatbelts in cars or helmets on motorcycles if they are fully aware of the risks they are taking by not doing so?
  2. Should people living in developed countries take greater accountability towards reducing carbon emissions to slow the effects of global warming?
  3. What one person in your immediate family has had the greatest impact or influence on your personal or professional life decisions?
  4. Are people better off in today’s world where social media connects people from all over the world almost instantaneously?
  5. Is it still important to earn a college degree in today’s society or do trade and technical schools offer more valuable, practical skills employers want to see?

This is in no way a comprehensive guide to taking the GED. It does, however, provide a clearer understanding of the kinds of things you will need to better prepare for the writing section. There are hundreds of resources you can find online – some of which are available for free or at a very low price. Professional academic writers can provide you with GED essay samples and numerous GED writing prompts to help you practice timed writing. You’re going to have to be committed throughout your preparation, but help is out there and ready to provide as much guidance as necessary.

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